Engaging user interface
very fast, totally secure,
zero maintenance

If you're building a small site, hand coding produces the best and safest possible results. And keep in mind, modern static HTML5 sites are fully 'user interactive' ie: form handling, e-com, bookings, calendars, payments, invoice, forums, chat, etc...

If you are building a larger project with fluid content or would like to collaborate, then I develop using either flat file or dynamic CMS ie: Flask, OctoberCMS, Wordpress.

For custom data driven applications, my stack includes Python, PHP, Javascript, Bash, Nginx, Ubuntu with focus on security, speed and management.

Flexible Pricing:

Pricing very much depends on preparation. For example you may have text content, images, page requirements ready to go and you just need assembly(development) or, you may prefer to have me organize your project from the ground up.

Secure server deployment and full management available on Amazon, DigitalOcean and Linode.

Roger@Remacle - Web app developer, UI designer - Front and backend


The challenge...
Victoria Taxi required a fresh look for their 59 car 'Go Green' fleet   

The challenge...
Unserve lets you manage without coding.   

The challenge...
Royal Camp Services Inc required a strong corporate presence in a very selective field   

The challenge...
Shookitty required an e-commerce platform to represent their unique products and room for expansion   

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